Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have Welsh links?

No. (Living in New South Wales means you are more Welsh than you realise!) Just come prepared to learn to sing some songs in Welsh (… and Latin, German, French, Maori, etc….)

Must I be male?

No. Ours is a mixed choir with sopranos, altos, tenors and basses.

When do you rehearse?

We rehearse on Wednesdays, most weeks from the end of January to mid-December, from 7-9pm. 

Where do you rehearse?

We have moved to West Ryde Community Centre Hall, 3-5 Anthony Rd, West Ryde. Convenient parking is available across the road under the Coles supermarket. 

Do I need to read music?

No, although obviously it’s an advantage to read. It is more important to enjoy singing in harmonies.

Is the choir auditioned?

Sort-of! After a few weeks of rehearsals, new singers are asked to do a voice-check with the Music Director, to make sure you can hold a tune and are assigned to the most suitable voice part. The Music Director and your section head will help you become concert-ready.

How committed must I be?

Most of our members are swept along on a wave of enthusiasm. We know that work, health and family events take precedence, but we ask that members come to rehearsals as often as possible in order to be able to perform to a high standard.

What kind of music does the choir sing?

Everything from Bach to Bacharach: oratorio, opera, sacred music, folk songs, songs from musicals, pop songs and modern choral pieces. Roughly a quarter of our repertoire is sung in Welsh, and ranges from great Welsh hymns and folk songs, to contemporary songs.

How often does the choir perform?

Around once a month from  March to December. See our  calendar for more information.

Where are the concerts held?

We sing around the wider Sydney area, usually at churches, clubs and schools. We have sung at all of Sydney’s most prestigious venues, and we occasionally venture further afield with tours interstate or abroad.

Is joining the choir expensive?

Our membership fees are much lower than most other choirs. We are an incorporated, non-profit association with an elected committee.

What are the benefits of joining?

  • Make new friends
  • Hone new skills
  • Experience the excitement of performing live
  • Help raise money for charities
  • Brighten people’s lives
  • Travel with the choir
  • Singing is good for you, and singing in a group is great!

How do I find out if it is for me?

Talk to our secretary on 9630 2561 or fill in the contact form below to arrange a Wednesday evening to come and sit in on a practice. You’ll be warmly welcomed and you’ll get to meet and listen to our choristers. If you enjoy it, join in the singing and see how you fare.